Exploring Teal in Brazil

Rhea Ong Yiu interviews Henry Goldsmid, originally published at liveforward.institute

Outline/summary by Enlivening Edge Magazine

Learn about how the book Reinventing Organizations was translated into Portuguese and became a best-seller in Brazil. Did you know there are over 200 Teal initiatives in Brazil, many ready to share their inspiring stories with the rest of the world?

Teal Brazil is a self-managed Teal non-profit organization of over 20 active participants and a community of over a thousand people, being a catalyst for the movement for the last six years.

Why are companies gatting interested and what barriers do they face? How do they face complexity and paradigm changes? How do power-holders shift roles and culture? Is there really resistance to more autonomy or is it just lack of knowledge of what to do? What if there are no cookie-cutter answers? Will being Teal ever be seen as a competitive advantage? Does the word Teal help or hurt branding and scalability?

Is Teal a goal, a vision, or a direction? Is Teal so new, or is the movement uncovering what has already been started? Does Teal need to be big transformation or can it be small sensible steps even without the label? Is it easier to get used to the discomfort of constant impermanence with a network of peers for support?

Can you market a movement by reducing fear? How can organizations “poke the potential for autonomy and liberate it” rather than suppress it? What is there within a person that makes them resonate when they encounter Teal consciousness in organizations? Can Teal heal disconnection? Is it for people who don’t fit in?

Can we best prepare children with curiosity and constant learning, with skills rather than content? What’s beyond the integration that Teal involves? Is it regeneration as a connected collective¬† journey? How does Teal show up in personal relationships?

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