Are You Ready for a Safari Adventure? Let’s Get TEAL Together!

By Ricardo Ghersa and Monica Monet for Enlivening Edge Magazine

For the last couple of decades, triggers of change have been accumulating and becoming significant enough to feel the need to respond to them. The world around us has become increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous, making it difficult for decision-makers to find their way in this VUCA world.

On top of that, individuals are reflecting upon the lack of meaning of their own work, the lack of humanity in teams, and the limitations of mastery on the job leading to disengagement and an overall decrease of wellbeing and performance. What a jungle!

If these issues sound familiar to you, and you would like a boost of inspiration away from your day-to-day life, then join the virtual TEAL SAFARI. It’s a series of online workshops organized by LIVEforward, a new venture from LIVEsciences AG, the group in Switzerland that brings Teal Around the World and the monthly Global Teal Community Meetups.

At our Teal Safari we bring together next-stage organizational pioneers from different industries in four half-day workshops. Together with them we will discover how they do business differently on their journey through the jungle of Agility and Teal practices like Holacracy, Sociocracy, Scrum and many more. Business is evolving, are you? Come and join us!

What you can expect:

  • An oasis of inspiration: Our Agile Pioneers will share their transformation journey with you
  • Platform for exchange and connection: Pioneer Q&A with first-hand insights about their businesses, experiences and challenges on their way through the VUCA jungle
  • Inspiration of how “the future of work” could look for your own team

Save the dates for our 4 half-day workshops from 08.30 AM – 12.30 PM CET. Each session is focused on a specific theme or industry:

20th May – Regulated Industries

23rd September – Performance Management

26th October – Banking

25th November – Resource Fluidity


The game changers for our first part of the Series on May 20th will come from these companies:

Roche: Daren Wilson exploring on “License to Operate in TEAL – A Learning Journey”

Niaga: Kelly Hall sharing insights on “Radical Transparency in Action”

These companies have already taken measures to challenge the current status quo and move their businesses to the next level within industries where safety, regulatory, and compliance risks play a critical role. They will be sharing how their strategies and their way of operating have integrated agility principles and they will highlight the challenges of doing so.

Furthermore, our speakers will highlight the impact this new way of working has had on their stakeholders such as customers and suppliers and will describe how their organization is responding to transformation. Beneficial consequences of their new ways of working include

  • faster and better decision making,
  • less bureaucracy,
  • more meaningful work,
  • less time required to respond to external changes, and
  • higher satisfaction and performance.

So, if you have already started your personal agility journey with your team—or if you are planning to do so—this could be an excellent event for you!

The virtual TEAL SAFARI SERIES will help you to better navigate the jungle of new working models and you will be inspired by what you hear and experience.

To get more information about the TEAL SAFARI workshops, please send LIVEforward an email ([email protected]) or register here. (

Ricardo Ghersa: I am passionate about supporting individuals and Teams alike to tap into their leadership potential, connect to purpose and find strategic alignment. I joined LIVEsciences after a few years spent in the corporate world within the audit and supply chain functions.




Monica Monet: Started with LIVEsciences end of 2020, after rich experiences in “Orange” larger corporations and startups in functions within Supply Chain and Operations. I’m very thrilled about now being part of a TEAL company and bringing awareness to alternative ways of working and accompanying people’s journeys towards a better workplace.