The OpenTeal Project

“Fitzii, a small Canadian organization that is going Teal at full speed, is initiating a wonderfully generous project. They like our wiki, and want to build on top of it (or next to it) a platform where Teal organizations can have their in-house wiki to document their own practices (say an article about: this is how we make decisions. Another for: this is how we deal with compensation. Etc.)

They are ready to build it and offer it to everyone. Before they do, they want to have 10 interested Teal companies to join to help make sure what they have in mind will really be useful.

Are you going Teal? And would you like to have an internal wiki platform to document your new practices in a living fashion? Below is some information about it, including how you can contact Edwin who is leading the project.” (Source: Frederic Laloux)

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