July Global Teal Meetup for the Americas: The Role Advice Process

By Manuel Perez Gomez for Enlivening Edge Magazine

People perform at their best when they have clarity on their roles and understand how they connect to a bigger purpose. They do their best when they feel supported by their teams and have the freedom to make decisions, experiment, and discover themselves at work.

At the Global Teal Meetup, we can explore the concepts of evolutionary purpose, self-management, and wholeness and learn how to use them to build more impactful, human-centered organizations.

Here we can challenge our assumptions about work and human nature, interact with experts on different subjects, and create an action plan to become better leaders and take our organizations to the next stage (1).

The free Global Teal Meetups seek to connect communities across the US, Europe, and Asia/Australia. You can register for the upcoming Americas event right here:

(1) Terms like “Teal” and “next-stage organization” derive from Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness. The scope of attention and invitation to the GTM gatherings is broader than the particular Teal organizational paradigm. It aims to include all others moving toward a new stage of consciousness as reflected in our organizations.

Global Teal Meetups Are for Discovering Ourselves at Work

Finding our ideal role within an organization can help us feel more engaged and perform at a higher level. According to researchers Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor, having a well-designed role can increase engagement and performance by up to 87%. But whose job is it to design roles that not only satisfy company needs and expectations but inspire people’s greatest work?

In traditional organizations, that responsibility falls on leaders. They are the ones who have to craft roles considering both tactical performance and the things that motivate each individual within their teams. If that sounds like an impossible task to accomplish, it’s because it is. So to help leaders, the Ian Martin Group developed a tool that transforms role design from an individual process to a collective one: The Role Advice Process (RAP).

Join us for an interactive session with Edwin Jansen, one of the managers who helped imagine and roll out the RAP across the Ian Martin Group. First, he’ll be talking about how we can use feedback from our peers to redesign our roles. Then, we’ll share what we’ve learned and think about how it could be applied to either our own roles or to help a colleague reconsider theirs.

If you want to learn more about the Role Advice Process before the event, you can access these resources:

The Role Advice Process: Helping Individuals Find Their Optimum Role (On Human First Works).

Role Advice Process (RAP): Helping People Find Their Place in the Organization (On Lead Together).


  • Welcome and connection
  • The Role Advice Process: What it is and how it works (Edwin Jansen)
  • Q&A about the Role Advice Process with Edwin
  • Applying the Role Advice Process in your life

Register here!

We’ll be in the Reception Zoom starting at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT at:


This event is free, and everyone’s welcome. If you don’t know about Teal but are curious about it, check out this overview!

Featured Image by SeaReeds from Pixabay