Invitation: Come Jump off a Cliff with Us!!

By Jan Sage for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Did you know Enlivening Edge has a remarkable alignment of strategy and opportunity beckoning us to take a huge leap forward? That a 2017 internal EE decision has opened new possibilities for playing big in a global project? And that if you’re up for playing with us, you might make your own amazing leap forward?!

Wait, back up…!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • In August of 2017, Enlivening Edge announced a strategy for the organization to help us put more speed and energy behind growing our impact. This is it:





  • The opportunity  beckoning us aligns with and amplifies our new strategy on almost every point!
    • We can clarify EE’s identity within our ecosystem. CHECK
    • We can actively develop our economic foundation. CHECK
    • We can consciously build our people foundation. CHECK
    • We can expand our technology foundation. CHECK

What more could we ask for?!? So, what is this exciting opportunity, you might well be asking?

Oops, you have to wait just a little before the big reveal. There are two more things to know:

  1. At our Partners’ Retreat in September, we identified developing and delivering learning products as one of our top revenue-generating ventures to pursue.
  2. Also, a unique harvesting process for the results of an internal “Reinventing EE” survey has been in the works for nearly 6 months now with very satisfying interim results. Both the outcomes-to-date and the sequential processes that the 3-Partner Harvesting team has developed are the kind of Teal-supportive tools and experiences we can share with other organizations on their journey to Teal.

If you haven’t already made the connections for yourself, here’s how we see it all coming together in a remarkable alignment of strategic initiatives and opportunity:

The next Integral European Conference, in Hungary May 22-27, 2018, will have a Teal Organizations Track and we think EE needs to be on the agenda with our “Reinvention Harvesting Process.” (Not a great title yet, of course, but we’ll make it better as a team.)  BTW, the T.O.T. track is being curated by a partnership of folks from EE and from Next Stage World.

We invite you to consider being on the team to make EE’s first Teal Learning Product a reality, by developing it first as a presentation/workshop for the IEC conference. (You do not have to attend the conference to be on the team.) Then, with that experience as a prototype, we will go on to build the material into a world-class, revenue-generating learning product to offer to people and organizations looking for support and tools for their Teal journey. Although I’m initiating the project in my role as EE’s Learning Designer, the project and product will be entirely co-created by what I’m envisioning will become our EE Teal Learning Products Team.

Before you consider the invitation to jump off the cliff with us, let me share my vision with you. Warning! Watch out for the parts of it that touch a chord of joy and excitement in you…

What possibilities do you see for your own great leap forward? Would you like to play with us?

Please connect with me via email with your thoughts: [email protected]


In her role as Learning Designer of Enlivening Edge, Jan Sage is making sure our learning products are powerful and joyous experiences that empower audiences with new skills, tools, and beliefs to catalyze change in their own lives and in their organizations. Jan coaches and consults with large and small organizations on all aspects of Organizational Learning, bringing to every collaboration her creative skills in theatre, television, instructional design, media production, university teaching, corporate training, leadership development, facilitation, and coaching.



Featured Image Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash