Hear B Corps and Teal Leaders on May 26, London

 By Jackie Thoms for Enlivening Edge

Here at Future Considerations, we are inspired by Frederic Laloux’s examples of what is possible, and the vision of Teal organisations.  We were proud to be part of over 100 next-stage organisation enthusiasts in the development of the first Teal Organisations Management Practices Wiki in 2015. And in the same year, we helped to midwife Enlivening Edge through a one-time seed fund.

So the very place in which you are reading this, is testament to how this movement has taken on a wonderful life of its own, beautifully steered by, in Holacracy terms, Lead Link George Pór.

We are also inspired by the B Corps movement:  1,719 registered B Corporations to date, incorporating 130 industries in 50 Countries.  All with one unifying goal–to redefine what success looks like in business.

B Corps might turn out to be like civil rights for blacks or voting rights for women—eccentric, unpopular ideas that took hold and changed the world.” Esquire Magazine

Echoing Chris Clark’s observations, we believe the Teal and B-corps movements are part of the evolutionary Reinventing Organisations movement bringing new organisational structures and systems fit for the 21st century and in alignment with societal and planetary needs.

“The species of organizations embodying these forms are all paying attention to a much wider field of view than their opportunistic counterparts. They’re tackling a level of complexity several orders of magnitude higher than most modern corporations are capable of. These organizations represent a new stage in our economic evolution” – Chris Clark

The B Corps certification holds businesses accountable for their impact in society and on the planet, including a legal requirement to include a statement of positive intent for all stakeholders in corporate governance documents. Teal organisations offer the potential to evolve organisational life into the next stages of organisational structure and practices. It’s clear to see that these two movements are shifting the landscape of business for their members, but how do they relate to each other? And what could be possible for organisations taking the path to B Corps Certification and also going Teal?

We see the B Corps and Teal movements as mutually enhancing. We believe that Teal organising can deepen a B Corps’ capability to deliver its purpose and add more meaning and substance to how it delivers value to its employees. Concurrently, the B Corps framework has strengths that could help ground and accelerate an emerging Teal organisation’s evolutionary purpose and impact in the world.

We will be testing this hypothesis on the 26th May, 2016, at an introductory evening in London, UK, to ‘Going Teal’. We’re delighted to have Joanna Cruickshanks, Founder of Folk who will share their experiences and insights of being both a Teal organisation and B Corp certified.  And Nicole Bradfield, Managing Director of Neo Communications who will share Neo Communications’ journey and honest reflections on moving towards Teal organising and B Corp certification.

Inspired?  Then join us – spaces limited. This is a complimentary event.

Jackie ThomsThoms_Jackie is an Associate of Future Considerations and an experienced coach, programme designer and facilitator. Her passion lies in people and organisations showing up and leading from their wholeness so that conscious awareness develops, and so that organisations interact more seamlessly and positively with society and the planet. Jackie is also a member of the Teal Community of Practice.