Eco-Hacking the Future: from a Moment to a Movement



What’s next?

The community forming in the wake of POC21 is different from the community that came together in a castle in France, and it’s evolving and transforming into something else entirely.

Dinner at POC21

This small but growing community represents a much larger convergence between disconnected movements and networks.

For the first time at POC21, environmentalists, open source hackers, self-management practitioners, creatives, social change conveners and more gathered with the focused time and resources to get stuff done together. Connecting during community dinners, dialog circles and all-nighters, we realized we were all working on the same thing.

If we really want to transform a moment into a movement, we’ll have to reach across our silos, explore new ways of working together, and create new platforms and protocols for sharing and supporting one another at larger and larger scales.

COP21 has just started, and now more than ever we must work together to build power in citizen groups to make real political change, and viable alternatives to the destructive and unsustainable society that got us here in the first place.

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