Enlivening Edge TV, our first project for reinventing EE, has just been launched! Our readers have been asking for this, and so have other parts of the Reinventing ecosystem! Now EE is emerging eye-to-eye!

Here’s the first in the forthcoming series of Chris Clark‘s videologs (vlogs):


Chris’s vlog is more than what you see on your screen. To me, it feels energetically like the opening of a new chapter in EE’s life toward being a full-production media enterprise, capable to empower our highest aspirations to reinvent self, organizations, and social systems with the deepest connection to our full humanness.

EETV gives a voice to creators of engaging video content which speaks to our heart, stirs our soul, and builds community.

When you look up the vlog, you won’t find there fancy, production-quality footage or dazzling, computer-graphics special effects; just a guy speaking to you ad lib, yet, it’s more fascinating than many of the mainstream media shows.

If you were with us, when EE got launched in May 215, you may notice a similar pattern: Just think of the modest newsletter with a minimalist website that Enlivening Edge was back then. Now, consider what it became and is becoming. There is a common principle in that, which is underlying also the birth of EETV:

Imitate nature, where significant beginnings are hardly noticeable. When, in the human world, those beginnings go with the grain of evolution, then they attract the support of future-responsive evolutionary players. So will EETV.

What does the birth of EETV now make possible? What can we co-create together? How about these for starters?

  • Enriching the experience of our 1300+ website subscribers, as well as our likers, Twitter followers, and EE Community members, and making that experience more multi-dimensional, more life-like, by watching (and contributing to) EETV.
  • Growing a web of video conversations where every viewer of a show can reply to it (and to each other) with their own vids, which then can be harvested and re-seeded into future shows, on the EE site, in the EE Community, and more.
  • Having a conversation with the coordinators of other EE projects (for example, Action Research) to explore how they might want to benefit from the possibilities that EETV opens to them.
  • Livestreaming Teal-related events from around the world, and having a team standing by for replying to viewer comments live on air!
  • Inviting in, now, the 5 or 6 people who have already offered their support to EETV with film-making and animation, to play and co-create what we can’t even yet imagine!
  • Using YouTube’s video-editing and audio library features for enhancing our videos.
  • Creating topic-specific playlists that people of any age might get inspired to subscribe to.
  • Collecting and promoting in our playlists other non-EE-originated voices from the broader movement, for example, this or this.

What comes alive in you when you consider the possibilities? What form of co-creation is calling to you, emerging through you as you?

Let’s go! Leave your comment below, or contact us.