Enlivening Edge TV, our first project for reinventing EE, has just been launched! Our readers have been asking for this, and so have other parts of the Reinventing ecosystem! Now EE is emerging eye-to-eye!

Here’s the first in the forthcoming series of Chris Clark‘s videologs (vlogs):


Chris’s vlog is more than what you see on your screen. To me, it feels energetically like the opening of a new chapter in EE’s life toward being a full-production media enterprise, capable to empower our highest aspirations to reinvent self, organizations, and social systems with the deepest connection to our full humanness.

EETV gives a voice to creators of engaging video content which speaks to our heart, stirs our soul, and builds community.

When you look up the vlog, you won’t find there fancy, production-quality footage or dazzling, computer-graphics special effects; just a guy speaking to you ad lib, yet, it’s more fascinating than many of the mainstream media shows.

If you were with us, when EE got launched in May 215, you may notice a similar pattern: Just think of the modest newsletter with a minimalist website that Enlivening Edge was back then. Now, consider what it became and is becoming. There is a common principle in that, which is underlying also the birth of EETV:

Imitate nature, where significant beginnings are hardly noticeable. When, in the human world, those beginnings go with the grain of evolution, then they attract the support of future-responsive evolutionary players. So will EETV.

What does the birth of EETV now make possible? What can we co-create together? How about these for starters?

  • Enriching the experience of our 1300+ website subscribers, as well as our likers, Twitter followers, and EE Community members, and making that experience more multi-dimensional, more life-like, by watching (and contributing to) EETV.
  • Growing a web of video conversations where every viewer of a show can reply to it (and to each other) with their own vids, which then can be harvested and re-seeded into future shows, on the EE site, in the EE Community, and more.
  • Having a conversation with the coordinators of other EE projects (for example, Action Research) to explore how they might want to benefit from the possibilities that EETV opens to them.
  • Livestreaming Teal-related events from around the world, and having a team standing by for replying to viewer comments live on air!
  • Inviting in, now, the 5 or 6 people who have already offered their support to EETV with film-making and animation, to play and co-create what we can’t even yet imagine!
  • Using YouTube’s video-editing and audio library features for enhancing our videos.
  • Creating topic-specific playlists that people of any age might get inspired to subscribe to.
  • Collecting and promoting in our playlists other non-EE-originated voices from the broader movement, for example, this or this.

What comes alive in you when you consider the possibilities? What form of co-creation is calling to you, emerging through you as you?

Let’s go! Leave your comment below, or contact us.

  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for this ‘come as you are’ video! I just discovered the teal movement couple of weeks ago and since then I keep watching and reading everything I can get into my hands and I wonder what I can do to help to grow and be part of this teal community.
    I guess this is my kind of start!


  2. Hi Chris. Great Vlog and thank you for being authentic. Like Barbara, I discovered the work of the Teal movement, EE and Frederic’s work a few weeks ago and it’s so uplifting and inspiring. To use Frederic’s descriptors, I believe I work in an Amber organisation, possibly striving to be achievement orange. But I just want to find my nearest Teal organisation and go work there. Until then, I’m doing my best to connect with like-minded people and role model the good stuff to progress the Teal movement. Looking forward to future vlogs and thanks for reaching out. Keep up the great work.

  3. Chris, great start! Something genuinely open and exciting, with new possibilities to be shared and cultivated by everyone versus something already perfectly planned (thus leaving little room for interaction).

    I just started chatting with Edith last week, as I was moved by an interview of her which resonated a lot with my own journey which started over a decade ago questioning the way work worked and evolved into understanding how creativity is integral to this development, be it with ourselves, organizations, and society.

    Through my life’s work, researching this all, I’ve created this New World of understanding within myself that I’m continually struggling to articulate, release, and thus express creatively to others. For myself, the biggest difficulty is where to start in communicating this new world view of understanding at a place that connects with the mainstream in the most relatable way. For example, I find if I start taking about the creative process to someone, it goes over their head. They think it’s nice and all but how does this relate to me they say. That’s because their current Old World (view) is stress filled as the Dream they were told to believe in and conform to seems to be cracking and shattering around them.

    So my question to you is who is your target audience? I liken it to the quote that “the teacher will appear when the student is ready” (because the teacher has always been there beside them, waiting for the right moment). I’ve been trying to start with people who are frustrated with the Old World view and see it cracking. But I’m wondering if I should be targeting someone further along (who has already begun to question their world and alternative possibilities). In your case, it sounds like this site assumes a context of understanding of the book Reinventing Organizations. If so, then if someone hasn’t read that yet, will they be able to go on this new video journey with you?

    Going into that context though, what I’d like to see in terms of developing oneself (and myself), is more vulnerability. In effect, I always read stuff that’s talks about overcoming a struggle but very little about how that struggle was overcome in detail. This is why I liked Edith’s interview, as it actually goes into some of these details. For example, in terms of myself, one defining moment years back was when I stopped seeing myself as a problem (i.e. what’s wrong with me?) and instead as a solution (i.e. I’m the bridge to new way and a new world). In effect, I realized that I wasn’t an alien in a natural business world but rather a natural human being within an ever increasing alien business world.

  4. Chris, loved your intro! I’ve bumped into Frederic’s work while doing U.LAB course, and since then my view of my profession (HR) has been shaken without return. As I am consumed with my bundle of joy #2 at the moment, I could not get the time to dig deep into EE activity by reading.. Even though I’ve ordered the Reinventing organisations book (illustrated version, which I can’t wait to get my eyes on!), I am so much more of a visual person – TV / video version for getting updated and involved feels so appealing! Thank you for launching this, I look forward to getting involved and becoming alive. Aušra

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