From Change-MAKING to Change ARTISTRY

By George Pór and originally published at

Change is happening. For better or worse. For better and worse.

Change is a fact of life. Trying to make it happen is futile or worse, given the unintended consequences of any linear, corrective action in a complex and volatile world.

I’m a recovering change-maker. Not only that, but I always wanted to scale up change rather than helping change scale sideways. Most of those efforts failed, and for good reason.

My meeting with and diving into the work of Nora Bateson, a fellow faculty of Campus Co-Evolve, helped me turn my failure at pursuing a predetermined end-state of change into joyous questing for the ongoing transformation of myself and my world.

I’m offering you some of the same four questions that keep working on me:

  1. What is it like the inner experience of being pulled by a cherished possibility rather than pushing to reach a purpose?
  2. What it is like to meet people for the pleasure of discovering their ever-unfolding inner richness, rather than always thinking about how they can serve my needs?
  3. What if we could co-create a culture of appreciation and mutual care in our organisations and society?
  4. What if we could sense the ways in which a positive future is already present, at least in specks?

Finding answers to the last two questions depends on our lived experiences with the first two. Read them again and you may see why.

Together, the four questions have called me to envision a collaborative action-research expedition to discover the uncharted territory of their interdependence. Are they calling you?

The ticket to admission for the expedition is two-fold:

1. Bring a challenge or project of your calling, for which your participation in the expedition should make a difference;

2. Be open to engaging in co-creation opportunities with your fellow intrepid explorers. This means an openness to step into the flow of changes with them, which may include:

● Creating the best conditions for inner change;

● Learning playful improvisation as a lifestyle;

● Evoking synchronicity intentionally;

● Receiving and transmitting evolutionary epiphanies

● Dancing with the energies available in the collective field;

● Discovering leverage points for influencing systems;

● …and more.

From Change-Making to Change Artistry will be not a course, at least not in the traditional sense, but a learning expedition in which recovering change-makers can free themselves from the old clichés of making change and rejoice in finding their flair for the crafts of nurturing transformation.

Here’s where you can apply for admission.

For a bit of visual background, watch this trailer.

During the expedition, you will have a chance to:

● Formulate and deepen your burning question, and align it with the life-giving forces inside (inner coherence) and outside (those elements of your primary community, which represent its strengths in its best moments);

● Build your own synchronicity generator of “predictable miracles” through three basic shifts of mind;

● Cast your own Circle of LifeWork and align it with the evolutionary impulse;

● Learn to work in an online environment as if it were real (because it is);

● Practice generative listening and speaking.

Before this program organised by Campus Co-Evolve ends, a self-organising change artistry community of practice may just begin…

To learn more about this and other programmes of the Campus, come to our Open House informational session, March 9, 19:30 Central European Time.

Start date: 21-March-2020 End date: 15- July-2020

Expedition Guide: George Pór, President of Campus Co-Evolve

Contributing Faculty: Aftab Omer, President of Meridian University

Republished with permission.

Featured Image added by Enlivening Edge Magazine. Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay