Use Worldview Carousel to Illuminate Stages of Life

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Use Worldview Carousel to Illuminate

Dear Readers,

It is twenty years since I first started to experiment with tools and methods that enhance the stimulation of one’s awareness of the inner and outer dynamics of the eight known stages of human emergence.

My intent was to create a multi-layered experience to open cognitive awareness of latent Second Tier capacities through words and images, spatial relationships, and dialogue with another person.

What emerged was a tool and approach that really works! Known as, ‘Worldview Carousel’, the tool is a colourful and engaging way to take a ride through the stages in the company of others. This multi-faceted approach is very effective in stimulating awareness of the emergence of the stages in oneself.

It can literally be used anywhere, anytime with anyone. It is common for people to experience one or more ‘light bulb moments’, as patterns become illuminated, and jigsaw pieces come together.

It can also be used as a relatively quick diagnostic tool that pierces through layers of superficial data to get right to the heart of the matter. Use the tool to diagnose any personal, organisational or societal issue.

As a means of calibrating the most important priorities for a group of people, the tool is also useful to validate the reliability of the research instruments that are available through 5 Deep Vital Signs.

Above is one of the early photographs of usage from early 1999. This was a community group in the town of Hemsworth, UK, who had no prior awareness of stage development theory. Within 45 minutes they were using the tool to analyse and troubleshoot issues in their locality. Since that time, this tool has been used all around the world in many contexts.

Twenty years on we are releasing Worldview Carousel for general use. Be creative and explore what’s possible, all the while remembering that for you as the coach or facilitator it is your stance that truly matters!

Please join us for our webinar: Human Emergence Tool Kit, on the 25th of September, when you’ll have a chance to experience human emergence tools in action.


Christopher Cooke

Republished with permission of the author.

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