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George Pór

There’s a whole movement out there going for “helping businesses create more peacemakers, artists, storytellers, healers in their systems,” that Manish is suggesting. It’s called “reinventing organizations” and is galvanized by Frederic Laloux’s book of the same title, which is “a guide to organizations inspired by the next stage of human consciousness.”

In fact, it’s not just a movement, but an ecosystem of companion-movements, of which U.lab and its hubs are one of the most vital ones. See the broader picture below.

12-point ecosystem of the movements

If you are interested in the larger evolutionary trends that are transforming our world, which U.lab is co-energizing, read:

If you have appetite for situating that in an even bigger picture that brings some data points to Otto’s 8 acupuncture points, then read also Mapping Our Way to the Next Civilization.

October 19 at 6:00pm

Victor Vorski There is so much going on, happy to see efforts like Enlivening Edge working to share the good news and map-out what’s going on.

I do hope that we will soon see emergence of co-creation networks that link all these change makers and innovators together into an eco-system of next-generation organisations… We need to work together and establish easy ways to map-out the knowledge of best practices, patterns and ideas for building the new world.

October 19 at 7:50pm

Martin Mahaux And, what I find even more impressive, is that this ecosystem lies inside a bigger one, incarnating a society’s transition from competitive to collaborative models, including things like collaborative and sharing economy, crowd-funding, alternative moneys, makers movement, transition movement, open source, decentralised renewable energies, co-design, etc…

October 19 at 9:19pm

Jenny Andersson And also the change at the spiritual level with spiritual intelligence coming in to support emotional intelligence development at C-Suite level, the resurgence of interest in indigenous wisdom, spiritual enlightenment. There is a convergence but the dots are not yet joined. I wonder if they will join during my lifetime.

October 26 at 7:07am

Kljaković-Gašpić Ivana I’m adding EVOLUTION AT WORK too. It is so great to be a part of this teal organisation:

October 19 at 10:11pm

George Pór hi Ivana, heartfelt congratulations to Evolution at Work for creating learning environments, “spaces in which new forms of organization can be experienced”, as the website says!

We at Enlivening Edge are building a network of country correspondents and don’t have yet anyone from Austria. Would you or somebody from E@Work would consider reporting on self-management, Teal, and holacracy related developments for our magazine?

Another thing that you may want to know about is that I’m coordinating a team that will develop a Teal Organizations track inside next year’s Integral European Conference in Hungary. Let me know if you you’d want to get involved.

October 19 at 10:59pm

Malek Jaber Thanks for sharing George Pór It’s beautiful and amazing to see the exponential convergence of movements and groups coming together to form our next stage of human consciousness. We live in an amazing time, one for which I am truly gratefully for.

October 20 at 12:36am

Jenna McNeil I used this visual at a workshop a co-delivered this morning- it was well-received and created a powerful impression!

October 20 at 1:50am

Kathy Holdaway I really feel Frederic’s work and an article I read called “The Future of Management is Teal” so resonates here!

October 20 at 3:59am


Vahid Masrour Thanks! I wasn’t aware that there were so many paths being explored. I think another promising path is the “shared economy”: as we realize we don’t need to own as much stuff as we used to think. I also have read a bit about “conscious capitalism” and think it’s a framework that can help the most hardy of managers to reconsider some of their positions.

Actually, with a group of friends we are organizing talks/workshops directed to managers of large companies to help them engage in the transition. Our latest talk was precisely on the “role of the company in building a just, prosper and sustainable civilization”. The powerpoint we prepared for that occasion can be found here (in Spanish).

October 20 at 4:49am

Allie Middleton

Compassionate Activism in Kosmos Journal, by Rhonda Fabian

A growing community of noted authors, local and global activists, world spiritual figures, economists and ecologists (Influencers) are speaking urgently of a world in crisis and the simultaneous awakening around the world to a ‘new story’ of transformation, a story no longer based on greed, competition, and scarcity, but one informed by fresh expressions of cooperation, indigenous wisdom, community-building, sharing, and innovation at all scales from local to global.

To understand this ‘global transformation movement’ better, how it is articulated, maintained and shared, the Connecting for Change Study used a combination of methods including nominal group technique; a survey targeted to 80 Influencers; and content analysis of 110 websites. These sources, along with ancillary data, led to the eventual consideration of 336 people and organizations comprising the study’s area of inquiry…

We welcome inquiries from potential partners to assist in our ongoing research efforts.

October 20 at 5:09am


George Pór Allie, R U involved with the phase II of Kosmos’ Connecting for Change study? To be even more useful it needs to organize and store its information, using a collaboratively developed “transformational movements” pattern language, in a relational database at the back-end, and an engaging “advanced visual language”-based user interface in a publicly accessible front-end.

Coupled with social technologies (such as the U process, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry, etc.) baked in the software, Connecting for Change could become a fully self-organizing knowledge base and more — an engine of transformation, by Connecting our Conversations in the ecosystem, which i wrote about in Kosmos.

October 20 at 7:39am

Jenny Andersson Adjacent to and adding to those movements are things like Forum for the Future’s net-positive model, biomimicry, holonomics, the rise of applied ancient and indigenous wisdom too.

October 20 at 7:34pm

Om-Alia Bastet Fireworks shows are among my favorite things in life, I ooooh and aaaahhh at each one, delighted and inspired. This FB conversation is just like that!!! HUGE smiles!!! And I am so happy to be playing in this Field on this planet at this time, with so many of you!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 13.09.06

October 25 at 9:22pm

Jenny Andersson My new contribution to joining the dots is Connected Conversations. Today it is only a podcast, but next year I am hoping to run a TedX bringing together different parties.

October 26 at 7:10am