How does your article idea fit Enlivening Edge Magazine?

Considering writing? Consider our audience and their topic interests!


The “Edge” in our name reflects our intention to provide our readers with stories from the leading edge of next-stage organizations, practical examples they can get inspired by, news that they can use. Enlivening Edge is a space where organizational innovation, co-learning and co-creation can thrive, supporting the various movements of reinvention.

More specifically, the EE Magazine welcomes articles with a focus on the three Teal Organization breakthroughs of Wholeness, Evolutionary Purpose, and Self-Management, as those show up in Self, Organizations, and/or Society. Where does your article fit within these Teal areas?


The Evolutionary Purpose of Enlivening Edge is:
CATALYZING RELATIONSHIPS among innovators who are accelerating the evolution of organizations and social systems for human and environmental thriving.
Enlivening Edge Magazine is offered as a space where readers and authors can discover one another and create relationships. Our authors help inform and inspire readers to make changes or support them in their journey with helpful stories, examples, and insights. Which stage of the Teal journey would your article be most appealing and helpful for?
  1. People curious about Teal because they are looking for a new paradigm for organizations
  2. People actively learning and exploring about Teal as an option for their own work, but who have questions and concerns, and need to see examples and results
  3. People implementing Teal ways of organizing or being, who face challenges and have successes
  4. People who are ready to take their own experiences of “going Teal” and learn and share through Communities of Practice
  5. Those who are passionate about Teal consciousness and wish to foster the movement or eco-system of Teal-related initiatives

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