Charlie Efford

John Charles Management Consultants
Charlie Efford

I realised that we are spiritual beings having an experience in a physical body a long time ago. This realisation allowed me to stand back, be curious and wonder about life in all its’ shapes and forms. I haven’t got any definitive answers and I am loving the exploration.

I entered the world of work as an army engineer and after a decade left to see what everyone else was doing. I ended up in management consultancy and gradually found the opportunities to learn more and more about people. Eventually I found my way to counselling and understood that my training was as much about my awakening as it was about helping others.

Whilst I was grappling with the ideas behind ‘conscious leadership’, Frederic Laloux's book Reinventing Organisations came along, and captured my imagination. The ideas in the book resonated with me deeply and I joined the team that created and edited the wiki version of the book.

I linked up with Enlivening Edge after a long and enjoyable chat with Alia. I run my own company, John Charles Management Consultants, that specialises in developing HR systems and practices. One of my key interests is the emergence of Teal organisations and the development of Conscious Leadership. I partner with EE by creating and editing publishable articles that bring these issues to the attention of a wider audience.