Anna Betz

Anna Betz

I am intrigued by the interconnectedness of global, local, collective, and individual realities—right down to the cells of our human bodies. That’s why energizing the roles of Health Sector Editor and Community Builder at EE is an excellent fit for me.

I interview change agents in health and social care, and write relevant, original articles. As well, I connect with authors who write about Teal-related health systems, and find articles for republication. I also help EE subscribers to develop a closer relationship with us.

My professional grounding includes social work, mental health, group facilitation, herbal medicine, and systemic and integrative models of health. I am a Certified Transparent Communication and Mindfulness Teacher. As a facilitator for change, I enjoy serving the community of health and social care radicals. My main focus is understanding the factors that constrain or inhibit emergence, and helping systems get unstuck and unleash abundance.

The best moments in my life happen when I watch people and communities discover more of their potential, and gift that to the world. I have been fortunate to witness healthy transformations in behaviours, attitudes, and physical health. I notice that this occurs when individuals and communities are given a chance to renew their inner balance and create a more dynamic life and culture.

I am of German background and I live and work in London, England. Here, I have come to appreciate the vibrancy of a large mulitcultural city.