Enlivening Edge is Looking for a Volunteer Digital Analyst!

Digital Analyst
Are you familiar with Google Analytics? Looking for a way to engage with EE’s purpose? As part of our development of the EE proposition, we are seeking help to explore how EE is currently being accessed.
We’d like to find a volunteer partner who can help us understand:
  • How people arrive at the site – newsletter vs search referral vs direct traffic
  • Where in the world people visit the site from
  • What devices and browsers they use
  • How people navigate and read content on EE – e.g. following links straight to specific articles vs arriving on the home page; using the navigational bar versus searching the site or browsing the links on the pages
  • At which points they are most likely to encounter a barrier or leave the EE site
  • Anything else that’s notable about the way that people currently access EE content
We will provide Google Analytics access to help answer these questions, and we’re looking to gather insights over the next three weeks. If you have experience in creating this type of website analysis, and would be willing to volunteer a few hours of work over the next three weeks, please contact Chris Clark at [email protected]
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